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join our team?

Are you passionate towards scaling eCommerce brands by teaming up with other high-achievers? Got what it takes to bring international success and legacy to clients with strong product-market fit?
Look no further. We want to meet you.

Do you want to join the WeScale team? Check the open jobs below or send us email with your information:

Open Job posts

At the moment our team is full but we are always happy to talk to new potential coworkers. What you can do is send us an email to and you will be the first to know when a position, fit to your profile, opens. Let’s keep in touch.

How is it like to
work at WeScale?


I am very honored to be part of the WeScale company. There are plenty of challenges, the work is fun and team members are very ambitious and positively driven.


Working at WeScale is never vanilla. I love how much I have grown over the past months while working with and amongst my fellow WeScalers. After leaving my former job, I went to look for greener pastures, but it feels like I landed in an oasis. What I love the most is always having a nurturing team that supports each other and keeps growing each day as a team and as individuals.


I always had trouble finding a project where I could identify with a vision. That changed when I started working in WeScale because we all have the opportunity to shape the future of the company. Working in WeScale gives me insight into contemporary trends, hanging out with an amazing team, and unlimited opportunities for growth. Needless to say, I am more motivated than ever.

Why should you apply?

Our employees grow with us and we grow with them. We compensate fairly, we reward great work and we have a stellar company culture. We value a healthy lifestyle, exercise, we love pets and plants. We invest in people. We provide access to internationally relevant training, amazing experts, and a team that is never afraid to take a risk. We empower. We scale your career.
What is not consistent with WeScale culture? We do not apply for marketing awards. We do not fight with the rivals. We let our success stories do the talking. Our success can only be measured by the number of clients that scale their business with us and their word of appreciation for our services. No bluff and bullshit metrics. We focus on scaling. This is our north star metric.
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