Peach Booty Plan x Wescale
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624 %
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Peach Booty Plan x WeScale
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624 %

How we scaled a lifestyle brand by 624% in 4 months:

Peach Booty Plan case study

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How we scaled a lifestyle brand
by 624% in four months:

Peach Booty Plan case study

Feeling stuck in scaling your lifestyle e-commerce business? Are growth rates stagnating, and are you seeing a diminishing return when you would like to spend more on advertising? Yeah, we feel you, it happens to the best of us. However, there are proven ways to unleash the growth potential of an e-commerce lifestyle brand. At WeScale, we are excited to introduce you to a case study of the Peach Booty Plan, a bootstrapped business that exploded in popularity in 2020. Within four months, we managed to provide the following stunning increase in traction:
  • 6x revenue growth 
  • 5x+ return on ad spend (ROAS) 
  • Set up email marketing flows that generate 10%+ of revenue
  • Added cross-sell offers and increased LTV (lifetime value) by 30%+
  • Successfully launched two new online workout programs
  • Sold 2000+ memberships to an online workout program in a month (addressable market – language 2 million) 
  • Increased user based to 11,000 users 
  • Launched a hyperactive Facebook group for customers with 5000 members
  • 16,000 Instagram followers and regular collaborations with massive local influencers

Meet the client: Two professional fitness trainers on a mission to inspire people to live healthy and active lives. 

The founders of the brand, Eva Peternelj and Nik Žujo, are professional coaches who live and breathe their entrepreneurial story. They started selling exercise equipment— specifically, high-quality exercise bands—on Instagram in January 2019 and sold their first few pieces via their organic reach.  The response was inspiring. They quickly set up an online store and ran their first advertising campaigns. Enthusiasm for the Peach Booty Plan in Slovenian gyms, where there were long queues for workouts, and the enthusiastic response from users were a clear signal that the brand had much greater potential. Eva and Nik decided to turn to WeScale to further the growth and expansion of their hit training plan. At the beginning of 2020, we set out on a common path, which we will present in this case study.

We met when the growth rates of the brand flattened: The law of diminishing returns in advertising-first-driven businesses

When it comes to business growth, the vast majority experience stagnation at some point, despite having a product of interest in the market. At some point, for most companies, a law of diminishing returns emerges if they increase their investment in marketing. This means that for every new euro invested in advertising, a company gets a lower return on that investment. It is the saturation of the market with the existing marketing approach that hinders further growth

It is certainly not surprising that the founders noticed this very quickly, as they always closely monitored the development of the business. Despite the positive sales results, they could see that there was still significant untapped potential. Before starting a collaboration, they wanted to find a company that could increase their sales and set up the sales process, as well as the brand itself, which would support the expansion of the product line and help them move into new markets.

WeScale solution to a growth challenge: The holistic digital marketing approach that unlocked the exponential growth of the Peach Booty Plan lifestyle brand

In order to identify what works, one has to test multiple strategies. However, staying on-brand and nurturing the connection with loyal fans is an essential part of the success equation for lifestyle brands. The WeScale team developed a growth strategy for the Peach Booty Plan based on: 

  • Scaling advertising on Facebook and Instagram; 
  • Setting up email marketing automation for e-commerce in Klaviyo;
  • Increasing the average purchase value online; 
  • Increasing the conversion rate on landing pages; 
  • Refining the content marketing strategy; and 
  • Guiding the company to build a strong community of brand ambassadors.
Let’s deep-dive into the critical elements of this success story in the next section. They will be presented as three key lessons.

Key Lesson #1: Engineering a growth model that supports sustainable growth is a prerequisite of scaling

Growth in e-commerce is not a sprint; it is a marathon.

Our initial goal was to prepare a sales funnel and frame that would withstand the weight of much more significant cash investments and allow for the continued growth of the Peach Booty Plan brand.

At WeScale, we continually adapted and mapped excellent communication from social networks to other direct sales channels.

We wanted to create something that would connect the user to the story of the brand, as we firmly believe that Peach Booty Plan products improve the lives of individuals. The mentality that drove us was about much more than just selling—we wanted to build a community and a lifestyle.

At this point, we would like to point out that such growth is only possible if all the steps within our sales funnel work in synergy with each other. If one of the steps is “bad”, everyone suffers as a result. If the marketing-sales funnel is leaking, it is necessary to continuously improve the ads, the landing page, the purchase process, the post-purchase process, as well as constantly look for opportunities to implement various tests.

Key Lesson #2: The faster you experiment and optimize, the quicker you will grow

One of the most critical factors that contributed to our success with this product was the constant experimentation and testing of different approaches, creatives, texts and offers.

To give you an idea of what we were aiming for with the copy experimentation: we tested as many as seven  different texts and three versions of the layout of these texts on the website (when you click “add to cart”, in the cart, and after the purchase). Our goal was to encourage the user to purchase another related product.

We used Facebook and Instagram as the primary channels for gaining new customers.

During this period, we placed a little over 800 different ads.

Depending on the number of people who saw the ads daily or visited the site, we had to be very specific when setting up remarketing, which was divided and segmented into as many as 18 different target groups.

We also set up email automation, which was used not only as a sales tool but also as a tool to keep customers in close contact with the brand. At the moment, six advanced pre-purchase and post-purchase sequences are active.

We went one step further within our email automation by setting up integration between the training program platform and the online store based on what stage the user is at in the purchase process and what message needs to be communicated. 

Key Lesson #3: Innovate to continually delight your customers and always be one step ahead of the competition

Despite the excellent results, we, at WeScale, were still looking for new ways to grow the brand through the launch of new products. In close cooperation with Niko and Eva, we prepared a plan and launched a training video program for elastic users. Such a product provides an excellent opportunity for further development and brings additional added value (differentiation) and the chance to connect with the brand in the entire process, as advertising the program brings new customers to the products and vice versa.

We started to expand into new markets to make sure we could grow the Peach Booty Plan brand beyond being a dominant local player. We entered some foreign markets with our go glocal approach, and, at the same time, we prepared tests for the English side. Based on these results, we will decide which additional foreign markets to enter with localization.


Eva: In just two weeks of cooperation with the WeScale team, we have established new records for our daily revenue. The whole team is highly professional, and what we like most is that they really care about the growth of our company. Besides undertaking digital marketing, they really helped a lot in setting up a growth strategy, creating content and generating new ideas. They are highly motivated, and what matters most is that they create amazing results.