Crack the META code: Why do your creatives and META ads suck and how to fix them?

You’re probably thinking: “I've tried so many different approaches with creatives and META ads, what else could they possibly tell me that I haven’t heard before?" Believe us, you are going to be surprised.

In an exclusive one-time workshop, Sebastian Novin, co-founder and COO of Influee, and Jure Knehtl, founder and CEO of WeScale agency will give you a complete insight into their proven strategies that helped their businesses reach 8- figure revenues and spend millions on ad campaigns.
If you're reading this you have at least some experience in marketing, creating content, and META advertising. Whether you are a marketer, business owner, or just getting started this is the right place to be. Why? Because you, like everybody else, want to grow your business, try the proven META methods and turn on the profitable side. And for that, ladies and gentlemen, you will need to know what we know.
Duration time: 60 min webinar + 30 min QnA session
Thursday, June 9, 2022 at 18:00 (CET), online
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In 2022 advice on marketing your business can be found everywhere. Only some of it makes a difference.
Sharing knowledge and experience of 2 marketing experts with more than 13 years of combined experience
Revealing the main creative principles and creative analysis
Dissecting advertising structure and growth strategies that helped to scale businesses to 7+ figures
Real-life examples and take-aways to implement in your advertising strategy

Key workshop topics and takeaways


Know anyone that has produced more than 10,000 photos and videos? If your answer is nobody, we luckily can’t relate. Sebastian developed an unique approach to recognizing the right content for your business that you can turn into effective creatives that will convert like crazy.


Even the brightest minds in the business use testing to learn what works. You can make it complicated and expensive or valuable and worth your money which is what we do. The secrets to setting up the testing structures, setting up the KPIs and deciding on the right budgets will be served to you on a golden platter.


Imagine this - it’s 2022 and you’re having your best year in business. You know who’ll be able to relate? People who will learn about Jure’s META structure that he developed through the years that helped his agency’s clients scale their businesses to profitable 7- figure monthly revenues.

+ 30-minute Q&A session. Get the most out of this special event and pick out Sebastian’s and Jure’s brains!


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The LIVE workshop will start soon.

Important: JOIN live to get a chance to interact with the speakers and focus on your challenges. Be present & grab a notepad because content gems will be coming your way.
We start punctually on Thursday, June 9 at 18:00 (CET)
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Cannot wait for the event? Warm-up by reading one of our knowledge pieces regarding UGC → link
Will this workshop be recorded?
Yes, but we will share only the clips of it on social media. We believe you will get the best value if you actively participate in the workshop since Sebastian Novin and Jure Knehtl can help with your specific questions and challenges. And you know how it is, how many webinar recordings have you watched recently? Well, if you like us, you will benefit way more from joining live.
Who is this webinar for?
This workshop is a perfect fit for eCommerce founders, CMOs, Content and Performance Managers, and other Managers in eCommerce companies. Of course, it also provides actionable insights for Meta advertisers, content creators, and performance enthusiasts, but many of the concepts that we will discuss are strategic. Therefore, the session is really a perfect event for attendees who have decision-making power in their organizations and can apply discussed solutions ASAP.
What is the tech stack for the event?
Save the date in your calendars. The session will happen on Zoom.
How can I connect with Sebastian at Influee and Jure at WeScale?
Follow Influee and WeScale on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Send us an email at and, if you have specific inquiries.
“I believe that the only way marketing works - is when marketing strategy meets results. That’s why I'm always focused on performance and helping businesses grow and thrive."
Jure started doing eCommerce digital marketing in 2014, and up to this date:
spent more than 42,500,000 € on Facebook and Instagram ads profitably
sold for more than 135,000,000 €
set a daily record of 16,000 sold products in one day
sold products and services in 127 countries
worked on 42+ eCommerce projects
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Sebastian co-founded influencer marketing platform Influee in 2018, at the age of 22, when he envisioned a platform initially focused on influencer marketing. His company grew from his love for design and great products and as time went on, Sebastian and the founders discovered that the real power of influencers is in leveraging the content they produce for paid social advertising.
Sebastian’s company Influee is changing the content production industry by providing brands with high-quality branded content produced by hand-picked creators together with a complete Ad creation software that allows brands to create multiple ads in an easy and efficient way.
He is an expert on:
FB & IG marketing and creative approaches to high-converting Ads
Leveraging UGC content on your online channels
B2B sales & Cold emailing
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