WeScale job: Graphic/UX designer

Do you find more joy in customers loving your design than being a sole worshipper of your artwork? 

Are you excited to learn and evolve your work based on data and response from customers on creatives that you have crafted? 

Look no further. WeScale is the place to be. We test the most creatives and we make sure that our team learns from what is happening on the market. Join our team who masters scaling clients from 4 to 7 digits monthly revenue in less than a year. We work with clients hand in hand as a boutique agency. You will be able to focus and evolve your skillset. Feedback loop is guaranteed. You will learn and evolve through this experience. 


  • Design and production of FB and IG ad creatives, 
  • Crafting newsletter and email campaign dedicated content,
  • Optimizing performance of ads to hit KPIs
  • Market research and competition monitoring,
  • Pitching new ideas to the media buying team, learn from insights and double down on what has worked well in ads 
  • Participation in creating other assets that are needed to support our clients as needed
  • Monitoring customer behavior on websites with dedicated tools (Hotjar and/or other alternatives)
  • Conversion-rate optimization based site mock-ups and visuals
  • Company branding content – website and social media creatives

Perfect fit for the role:

  • Have at least 1 year of experience in the e-commerce environment. We work with clients who depend on their Shopify website and for this reason, experience with crafting advertising assets is required. 
  • Skilled in design software (Adobe, Affinity or other alternatives)
  • Has experience in creating site mock-ups (Figma, Adobe XD, you name it)
  • Be proactive, innovative and precise 
  • Be able to work in a fast-paced environment, react quickly to changes and trends 
  • Detail-oriented, conversion-driven and great communicator

How we can work together 

  • This can be a full time position or a part time gig through student work, sole proprietorship or Ltd. 
  • Performance-based rewarding system
  • We have a wonderful spacious office in Črnuče, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and we are open to remote work as well 

How to WeScale your career: 

  • Opportunities to work on fast-growing e-commerce businesses, where there is a vast room to experiment and to break all-time records 
  • Budget and career development plan to learn globally accomplished experts who are on top of their game 
  • We innovate and always experiment with new channels and formats, you will have lots of room to evolve and grow professionally while trying new things
  • Excellent working environment with a strong focus on process management and communication excellence to overcome the challenges of remote work 

Apply today at jobs@wescale.agency 

Sounds like you? Excellent. Would love to meet you. 

Send us your CV and a short email introduction in which you explain why you would like to work at WeScale at jobs@wescale.agency. We promise to get back to you shortly. 

About WeScale: 

WeScale is a boutique, performance-oriented marketing agency for ecommerce companies with high growth potential. By bringing together people with ecommerce performance marketing experience in more than 120 projects globally, from small, medium and large companies, and a combined generated revenue of more than 100 million EUR for our clients, our main goal is to scale together in trusted partnerships. 

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